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Two for Podcasting

A show on all things hockey, for beauts by beauts.

Presented by Bobby Misey and Jack Cartafalsa.

About Two for Podcasting

Who We Are

Bobby and Jack are two former college hockey teammates, as opposite as can be. One lives in Columbus and the other in Manhattan. One is the College of Wooster's all-time leading goal scorer, the other made a living off of gritty "garbage" goals. One eats up advanced stats and the other rolls his eyes whenever the word "Corsi" is uttered.

However, both hosts have a passion and love for all hockey. This isn't a show just about the NHL. The real Christmas present for both of them come December is the World Juniors tournament. Both hosts love following the drama of the Memorial Cup. And there's no atmosphere like a roaring college hockey rink.

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Podcast Releases

Each week's episode will be published sometime between 4:00 to 7:00pm in U.S. Eastern Time. In addition to this site, you can find, listen, and download all previous episodes on iTunes, Stitcher, or our Soundcloud.

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