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A Warm Welcome to Two For Podcasting

Hello and thank you for joining us on our adventure into podcasting.

In mid-August of 2012, I sat outdoors as a sophomore advertising hockey during our annual activity fair at the College of Wooster, a liberal arts college between Cleveland and Columbus. Three other teammates and I sweated in our uniforms and the 98 degree sun, hoping to find freshman to try out. Wiping the perspiration off our brows every thirty seconds, chances looked slim. After all, the College of Wooster only had an ACHA Division III team and a student body of just under 2,000. People came to this college to write a mandatory eighty page senior thesis, not to practice penalty killing on school nights from 9:40-11:10pm.

Nonetheless, as the heat and humidity suffocated my lungs, a skinny and wavy-haired freshman with sunglasses, a New York Rangers hat, and a look that said "I'm good at hockey, and I know it." Sure enough, this Connecticut native was Jack Cartafalsa, and by the time he graduated, he became the college's future all-time leading scorer and the best teammate I've ever had.

Jack and I only spent two seasons playing together. I was a year further in my studies, and then I spent my whole Junior year studying and playing hockey in Freiburg, Germany. Nonetheless, Jack and I became close teammates and friends, attending similar international relations and political science classes during the day and doing conditioning drills during the night.

We have each gone our separate ways since our days at the College of Wooster. Jack moved to New York City to pursue a career in marketing. I moved back home to Milwaukee for a year and worked at Master Lock before returning to Ohio to pursue a law degree at the Ohio State University. However, that itch which playing college hockey satisfied was no longer being scratched. When you find yourself in a deep text message discussion about 5th round NHL Swedish draftees, you know that you need an outlet to talk about hockey.

That has brought the two of us here, to Two For Podcasting. If you want to hear two people who are well connected all levels of the hockey community but have the love-hate brotherhood that all teammates share, then you are supposed to be here too. Welcome aboard for the ride, wherever it goes.